It’s been over five years.

A long time ago we met at college and you changed my life.

You were so patient with me and put up with so much drama. We were going through tough times in our lives trying to figure out our purpose.

You gave me time to figure myself out, but I never realized I didn’t give you time to figure yourself out. You were aways kind, even when I wasn’t.

You had the most amazing sense of humor that I won’t forget. We would laugh for hours about ridiculous things our friends did.

You were’t afraid to learn something new or try a new hobby. You always gave it your all and sometimes, it even resulting in you going viral on the internet.

You are smart, driven and intelligent. You proved people wrong through facts and stood up for what was right.

You were an advocate for women’s rights and didn’t put up with people who caused problems in your life.

That’s most likely why I had to go, but after the years, I understand why.

I wasn’t the best person to you, but I was always loyal and faithful.

Never the less, let the world know that Tamara Milic is a pretty amazing person, but she forgot to auto-renew her domain name.

You can have it back, just shoot me a text. I didn’t want someone else to steal it from you.