Video sharing platform based on automatically assigning clips to venues so people can see what’s happening around them. Expanded world wide, custom video compression and has over 1,200 users. Built an algorithm, then designed and developed an iOS app that scrapes over 100 sources to compile a list of events going on around you. Over 1,000 accounts, transitioned into ZipClip App. Consulted 100+ employee company to build more efficient homepage and new user onboarding for their website. Worked with executive team, development and design to design new UX and UI. Consulted Lumbr LLC and programmed an app that allows a user to input their hockey preferences, select their preferred stick, order the stick and share a promotional code to their friends for discounts. Scraped data from Indiana University’s map provider’s API and created a super fast search engine within an iOS App built with Swift 3. Only took 24 hours! Created an app that allows local businesses to accept digital payment without additional hardware. Main focus was on bars because cash is so annoying. Led a team of software engineers to create a more accessible lobby experience from scratch for 500+ Microsoft offices. Impacted 100,000+ annual visitors. Created the current onboarding for all new users on Tumblr with the goal of learning more about their preferences. Impacts over 100,000 new users everyday. Designed and developed an iOS, Android and Web App to request rides from volunteer drivers on college campuses with the goal of getting people safely home. We created a company and won a few awards! Built a web platform to facilitate the recruitment process of over 2,000 students every semester to join a greek organization on college campus. Designed the platform from scratch, programmed the backend and implemented a responsive design on the frontend. Charley Lau, one of baseball’s best hitting instructors, came to me wanting to share his video content with the world. We worked together to create a subscription streaming video service for the web. Built a custom backend to facilitate mass emailing the 2,000+ members of the club, keeping up to date contact information and developed a frontend to market to new members. Worked for a printing company in Germany to help expand their online customization tool for creating post cards. These were the early days of understanding PHP. Created a website from scratch for a local artist to sell her work on the internet. Designed and programmed the local campaign’s website, managed their social media accounts and built a backend voter contact system. Created marketing website for local business with the goal of showcasing products in the store. This is where everything started. A small web design and development class during my sophomore year of high school. This is my final project for the class.